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Chemotherapy in India

Chemotherapy is the treatment of cancer with one or more cytotoxic powerful chemicals that has the ability to kill the fast-growing abnormal cells in your body. Chemotherapy in India is most often used to treat various types of cancer, since in cancer the cells grow abnormally and multiply quickly when compared to other cells in the body. Chemotherapy in India is same as that of other countries. India has got the finest surgeons, who cater their patients to the treatment and surgery techniques with the latest and advanced equipment’s, and post-treatment care as well as cost. Chemotherapy is considered to be an effective treatment for various types of cancer. But on the other hand it carries a risk of side effects and can cause serious complications.

Cancer specialist and oncologist in India

There are various eminent oncologist specialists who are pioneer in treating the cancer. Cancer can be treated if diagnosed early and early diagnosis can only be evaluated by a specialist.  A cancer specialist can help in diagnosis, prevention and treatment of the abnormal growth cells and provides after treatment care.  Below are some of the cancer specialist and oncologist mentioned who are well experienced and pioneer in their profession.
  1. Dr. Vedant Kabra who is working as a Surgical Oncology Specialist, with 21 years of experience at Manipal Hospitals, Delhi with expertise in Lung Cancer, Colon Cancer, Pelvic Malignancies, Gastrointestinal Cancer, Head and Neck Cancer , Stomach Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer, Gallbladder Cancer, Rectal Cancer.
  2. Dr. Hari Goyal with more than 22 years of experience is serving patients with her expertise as a Liposuction Oncologist, Surgical Oncologist, Hematology
  3. Dr Usha M. Kumar working as a Laparoscopic surgery for early ovary, uterus and cervical cancer Surgical Oncologist, Max Smart Super Speciality Hospital, Saket, New Delhi. He has been into practice from past 25 years and his areas of expertise include Laparoscopic surgeries for infertility (PCOD, Tubal block) Laparoscopic surgery for early ovary, uterus and cervical cancer.

Some of the best Cancer Surgeon in Delhi is listed below

Delhi being a major city is a hub of most eminent and proficient cancer surgeons practicing at the world class hospitals and serving their patients day and night. Some of the best cancer specialist in Delhi is listed below
  1. Dr. Indu Pal working as a Senior Radiation Oncologist at Artemis hospital, Gurgaon and has an expertise in Radiation Oncology, Head & Neck and Soft tissue sarcoma, Brain, Lung, Bone, and Liver sarcoma.
  2. Dr. Amit Agarwal who is having 26 years of experience as a breast cancer oncologist and currently practicing at BLK specialty hospital, New Delhi.
  3. Dr. Sandeep Batra has 17 years of experience in the areas of Gastro Intestinal Cancers and Genitourinary cancers. He is currently working as a senior medical – Oncologist with Max Super specialty Hospital, New Delhi, India

Oncology Treatment in India

There are too many cancer patients in India, and every year around 10 lakh people suffer from cancer and the numbers are increasing every year. In India the patients to doctor ratio is very low for oncology treatment. Due to which the deaths due to cancer is reported to be increased every year around 15-20%. Some patients also die out of late diagnosis and expensive treatment. Oncology treatment in India varies from patient to patient and type of facility and on the no of chemotherapy cycles. However, on an average the cancer treatment cost ranges from 5-7 lac rupees which includes doctor fees, surgery, medicines cost, radiation therapy and hospital stay.

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