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Cancer is a deadly disease regarded as a group of disorders characterised by abnormal growth of cells invading other parts of the body organs and in turn leading to life threatening effects. With the availability of world-class amenities and specialists available for cancer treatment. India has become one of the best countries to treat cancer in the world. Experienced oncologist and surgeon has made a lot easier for the patients to fight the deadly disease of cancer by providing extensive care and cost effective treatment facilities. Cancer treatment in India depends on the various factors like the stage of the cancer, type of cancer, and other factors of the patient. The cancer treatment in India includes prevention detection, diagnosis, treatment surgery, after care and rehabilitation through various procedures like radiation, immunotherapy, chemotherapy, gene therapy and hormone therapy.

Hospitals that offer cheap treatment for Cancer

A lot of people die out of cancer daily due to high treatment costs of the therapy available in India and poor quality of equipment’s and amenities offered to detect, diagnose and cure Cancer. There are many solutions where an underprivileged person can opt for the cheap treatment for cancer. There are various hospitals and insurance programs that can take away the burden of expensive treatments like the insurance programs provided by ICS and NIA at a very low premium rates. Hospitals like the Tata Memorial hospital, Mumbai that offers low cost treatment to all the underprivileged people and medicines at a very low cost. Max Healthcare Hospital, Gurugram, Fortis Healthcare, Gurgaon, artemis hospital Gurgaon, Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket.

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