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Breast cancer treatment in India

Breast cancer is a type of cancer that arises from the arm pit or breast and gradually grows to cause cancer. It is most commonly seen in women and men where both suffer from breast cancer problems nowadays. Breast cancer is among the most top two cancer diseases after lung cancer. Treatment of breast cancer can be carried out by various procedures depending upon the grade and stage of the cancer. Different treatment includes radiation therapy, chemotherapy, biological therapy, hormone therapy or targeted drug therapy, immunotherapy. Breast cancer treatment in India is one of the best in the world. The treatment of breast cancer depends on several factors which are evaluated by your cancer specialist and then offer the most recommended treatment for you. However treatment based on immunotherapy is considered to be one of the best options available for breast cancer treatment in India.

Cancer Hospitals for Africa, Sudan, Nigeria, Ghana, Namibia in india

India with its emerging high-class medical infrastructure facilities is becoming a global healthcare provider. With increase in medical tourism in India the relationship between the Indian governments and Africa is proliferating. Regions like Kenya where medical ailments are either not diagnosed accurately or where patients suffering from severe medical conditions, due to lack of medical expertise. Indian hospitals particularly cancer hospitals for African Patients are emerging mainly in the city of Mumbai that not only offers world-class expertise but also provide improved and cheaper air connections, translators, hotels  and also provide easy access to visa facilities, doctors and hospitals.

Best Doctor | Oncologists for Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of the top most occurring cancers among Indian women causing more deaths when compared to other cancers. This is primarily due to lack of awareness among women which leads to late diagnosis and high mortality rates. The treatment for breast cancer needs an individualized approach which includes screening, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and post-treatment care. Some of the best doctors for breast cancer treatment are mentioned below:
  1. Dr. Siddharth kumar sahai – Working as a Senior Medical oncologist at Manipal Hospital, Dwarka. He has experience in treating Breast cancer, ovarian cancer, lung cancer, gastrointestinal malignancies, pediatric leukemia and lymphomas.
  2. Dr Bidhu Kalyan Mohanty, he is the Head of radiation oncology with experience in treating Prostate Cancers, Head and Neck Cancers, Breast Cancers, Stereotactic Radiosurgery.
  3. Dr. Hari Goyal , Senior radiation oncologist at Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon with expertise in treating cancers of Breast, Head and Neck, Brain and Spinal cord,Gynecologic, Gastrointestinal Malignancies, Sarcomas, Genitourinary Malignancies.

Breast Cancer Treatment Cost in India

Breast cancer treatment cost in India varies as per the stage and condition of the patient. if the cancer is diagnosed early the treatment becomes not only effective but also saves a lot of cost. The average cost of breast cancer treatment in India can range anywhere between 5-7 lakh rupees, if treatment is carried out by a private practitioner. All these cost may include the doctors’ fees, investigation charges surgery and radiotherapy charges. However charges can also go up to 20 lakh INR if the patients opt for targeted therapy like immunotherapy and chemotherapy cycles where the cancer is treated with the drugs that are very expensive.

Symptoms of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer in women is easily diagnosed when compared to men. Some of the symptoms of Breast cancer include presence of a lump or a thickened tissue in the area of breasts or arm pit, change in size or shape of the breasts, redness of the skin, swelling in the armpit or collar bone, oozing out of fluid from the nipple without squeezing it, a sunken or inverted nipple, pain near breast area. All these symptoms are a matter of concern and needs immediate medical attention.

Breast cancer treatment by stage

Stage 0: This stage is not considered to be harmful, and the cells remain viable to grow abnormally which is a non-invasive cancer. This stage does not include any treatment. Stage 1: In this stage the breast cancer cells are relatively small which marks the beginning of cancer. In this stage the cancer has spread only in a tiny area. Stage 2: The tumour starts growing in size and becomes considerably larger when compared to the cells in the stage I and also affects the nearby lymph nodes. Stage 3: The tumour in this stage grows up-to 5 cm and start spreading across other parts of the tissues affecting the lymph nodes. Treatment for stage I to Stage III includes surgery and radiation therapy, which are often associated with chemotherapy or other drug therapies either before or after surgery. Stage 4: This type of cancer has become metastatic and has spread to the other parts of the body affecting major portion like bone, liver, kidney. Treatment options for this stage include therapies such as radiation, and surgery or chemotherapy.

Breast cancer treatment by surgery

Surgery may be a part of breast cancer treatment for many women. However the breast cancer treatment by surgery may be different for various reasons and may depend on the type of surgery whether it is breast conserving surgery (lumpectomy) or complete removal of the breast, surgery done for breast reconstruction or relieving the symptoms of the advanced cancer. A woman can choose from surgery best suited for them, for instance if a women choses lumpectomy where a apart of breast is removed and is reconstructed to give a proper shape to the breast, she may also have to take radiation therapy in future if the cancer recur. If a woman choses mastectomy, the complete breast has to be removed and she will not have to take the radiation therapy.

Brachytherapy Specialists in Delhi, India

brachytherapy cost in india
Brachytherapy in India is playing a very important role in providing definitive care to the people suffering from deadliest cancer. Brachytherapy is a type of treatment that involves the placing of radio-active material or radiation to the specific areas of the body. These radiations detect the cancer cells and damage those cells, thus helps in treating cancer. The advantages of this therapy involve fewer side effects with shorter treatment time. It also allows doctor to carry out the treatment without invading the body. However, there are very few centers for Brachytherapy in India, and the majority of hospitals uses other intracavitary therapies.

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