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Cardiac surgery involves surgery performed on the heart in order to repair the wounds, and damage caused in the heart muscles, valves and arteries. The surgery is performed by highly skilled heart professionals. Coronary artery bypass graft or Cardiac surgery is the most common surgery nowadays opted for people suffering from coronary heart disease and is performed in-order to provide an alternative path to deliver blood supply to the heart and body, with a target to prevent blood clot. Post- surgery patients are kept in the ICU unit for at least a day in order to monitor the conditions of the patient.  Cardiac surgery may lead to some complications and can cause stroke, pneumonia, blood loss, lung or kidney failure, blood clot, infection, fever and memory loss. Cardiac surgery cost in India can vary depending upon the stay, facility and most importantly the condition of the patient and damage caused on the heart. However the range for cardiac surgery cost include 1-4 lakhs.

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