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What causes a patient to opt for a surgery like this?

Heart bypass surgery is needed when the arteries are clogged causing restriction of the blood into the body from the heart. This happens when a plaque is build up on the walls of the arteries narrowing the blood supply. This may cause damage to the arteries and may also lead to heart attack or heart failure. This is a surgery which is performed on the arteries of the heart in order to supply the oxygen or oxygenated blood throughout the body. Bypass surgery involves replacing of the damaged arteries by using the blood vessels from another area of your body. The type of bypass surgery depends upon the number of arteries blocked and needs to be replaced. The doctor will perform the surgery by evaluating the number of arteries which are blocked single bypass surgery is done when only one artery is blocked, similarly surgeries are performed on two, three, and four arteries which are blocked and is called as double bypass, triple bypass, quadruple bypass.

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